September 16, 2014


Part of my job that’s my favorite is going out to get pictures of the projects we’ve completed. You get to skip the blood, sweat and tears and just embrace the ‘after.’ Lucky for me, it brings me into some pretty dang inspiring spaces. Last month I went out with a photographer and captured some shots of a laundry room and mudroom we finished this past year. I’m not sure if this before and after is actually more dramatic or less dramatic given what a transformation it was. It’s basically an altogether different room. But nonetheless! Prior to the remodel, the room was – get this – an exterior screened in porch… And with a lot of imagination and creativity on the [...]

custom cabinetry mudroom with slate floor
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September 10, 2014


This post is nothing extraordinary. Until you need it. And then, you’re welcome. When my husband and I moved into a desperately-in-need-of-updates house last year we had a list of about 40 things we wanted to do to bring it into this century. We knocked out all of the larger things through Scovell Wolfe – remodeling the kitchen, adding recessed lighting, removing the popcorn ceilings, installing hardwoods, etc. etc. But one thing I left off the professional list was replacing all the switchplates from yellow to new, white ones. It was an altogether simple task. Mostly. Ain’t nothing ever that easy. I came across two places where the outlet was sitting so close to the base trim or door trim that [...]

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August 25, 2014


It’s all too easy to drag dozens of pictures off of your Pinterest feed and drop them into your inspiration boards within a matter of minutes as you plan to remodel a room. But translating them from designer space to your own space is complicated at best. And our culture of barely looking at images as they fly past us on the computer screen does us no favors. There’s often no shortcuts to great design. You have to really study a picture you love to pinpoint what you love, why you love it and how you can love its way under your own roof! Here’s a kitchen we were a part of many years back that is still a show-stopper and so chock [...]

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August 18, 2014


I heard an interview once with designer Jonathan Adler about what advice he would give to someone decorating or remodeling their home. He mentioned this concept of choosing three words that you would like to define your space. And then, whenever you’re at a crossroads deciding what rug to buy, what shade of paint to choose, etc. you can evaluate your decision based on whether it falls under the umbrella of your defining words. What kind of words? Things like rustic, traditional, relaxed, bright… A few weeks later I read another interview – this time with the actress Julianne Moore in a piece she did with Architectural Digest. She, in another way, mentioned this same idea of intentionally defining and [...]

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August 12, 2014


My husband and I bought a Diebel tudor in Brookside, Kansas City just last summer. In fact, I think we got possession right about this time last year. And the house was as full of potential as it was full of dated shag carpet and rippled wallpaper. I like to think of myself as having been around the block a few times when it comes to making house decisions. This is after all our 6th place in the last four years. So it ain’t exactly our first rodeo. Nonetheless, I naively believed that the bigger the house we bought, the more the rooms we had, and thus the more there’d be to decorate. And, uh hello, I’m all about more rooms to decorate. [...]

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August 6, 2014


  For better or for worse, there are so, so many decisions to be made during a remodel. Not the least of which is what to put beneath your feet. And there are no less than a million bajillion choices to choose from. (Just in case you thought you’d be overwhelmed.) But in this sea of options, sometimes you need to just stick to your guns and go with a classic. Because whoever said classic had to be boring? Let’s take a little ‘walk’ over some go-to flooring. 1. HARDWOODS. Duh. But there’s so much more here than meets the eye. Just as there isn’t but one way to skin a cat, believe me, there isn’t just one way to have [...]

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