Reclaim and Relax

Last year some of our past clients reached out hoping to come up with a solution for a pretty, but not-functional courtyard in their backyard. A family of four, they’d purchased the home from someone whose lifestyle didn’t quite lend itself to wobbly toddlers and tired parents. Not well protected from the sun, and certainly not from the summer’s mosquitoes, however pretty, the courtyard was seemingly full of steps. Everywhere you looked there seemed to be a brick step just begging for a little boy to skin his knee or stub his toe.

Hallbrook: Part 2

If you haven’t already, check out this post for a little background on this remodeling project. You’ll see that about 18 months ago we tackled the clients’ bathroom, and after a bit of a break, they wanted to knock out the kitchen as well. While the bathroom needed a full gut and required us to move quite a bit of plumbing, the kitchen remodel wasn’t nearly as invasive. It was mostly the look and feel of the kitchen that drove the clients bananas, not so much the function of it.

A Better Bathroom

I was telling a client the other day that we’ve never turned a generally unhappy person into a happy person with a beautiful remodel. But what we’re really good at is making happy people even happier. As was the case with these incredible Mission Hills clients. Authentically kind, always trusting and super complimentary at every…