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July 11, 2017

Our Claim to Fame

As my kids have gotten older (and by older I mean are no longer babbling toddlers, but now can officially walk and talk!) and begun socializing with little friends at the park and in the neighborhood, I’ve joined the parent-to-parent small talk club. The conversation usually starts with “How old’s your daughter/son?” followed by “Is this your only?” It’s thrilling stuff, really. Ground breaking exchange of basic information as your kids run around the playground. Or better yet, there’s the inevitable interaction as you stand four feet from a stranger, both pushing your individual kids on the swings. Once you hit the five minute mark, it’s just plain awkward not to atleast acknowledge this fellow swing-pusher! It’s akin to riding an [...]

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September 19, 2016

Fashion Meets Home Design: Emmys 2016

So just like last year when I watched the Oscars, I couldn’t help but think last night as people came down the Emmy’s red carpet that some of those dresses looked an awfully lot like some pillows I’ve seen on the good ole internet. Fashion and home design often cross paths. So, I (rather uselessly!) spent a half hour this afternoon seeing if I could quickly stumble upon some pillows on common sites like Williams Sonoma Home, West Elm, Anthropologie, etc. that seemed fairly, if not very, similar to what the stars wore Sunday night. (And by the way, who are these alleged ‘stars’ anyway?? I don’t recognize half of them! Am I living under a rock?!) Anyway, I didn’t do nearly [...]

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April 11, 2016

Tudor Revival Part 5

Remember way back to early 2015 when I tracked the progress of this incredible Brookside Tudor? Yeah, me neither. It feels like a lifetime ago! It was my first go at following a Scovell Wolfe remodel real-time on the blog. I was plugging along pretty consistently (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4) But it turns out that the final, furnished “After” pictures takes quite a bit of time to develop! Like,…a year! I wanted the after pictures to really live up to the beauty of the home and the project, and I felt like unfurnished photographs wouldn’t do it justice! So we waited for curtains to be made and curtains to be hung. For a nursery to be [...]

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January 27, 2016


This month will probably go down as one of my favorite months of the year. I’ve had (or have coming up) six photoshoots of some amazing projects we’ve been working hard on the past year. There is nothing I love more than getting professional pictures back! So last week I shared my own kitchen and house, and up today I get to share another set of dramatic before and afters! So, first for a little background…the homeowners had lived in this Kansas City house for over 20 years, and the kitchen was the last of all the rooms to be on the receiving end of a remodel. It was certainly a long time in the making! And of course, when [...]

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May 7, 2015

Lovely Grills for Delicious Grilled Food.

I asked my husband what I ought to blog about this week. He quickly affirmed the male stereotype. “GRILLS!” he exclaimed! Write about grills! Spring is in the air. The weather is looking up. Doors and windows are opening up. And everyone is moving outdoors for dinner. Because everybody loves to grill, right? Wrong! I am not a griller. However if given the right arrangement, by golly, you might just find me out there 7 nights a week. So here we go, per my husband’s request, a compilation of grills I could get down with. And grilled food I could get down with, too… What do you think? Did an outdoor kitchen just get bumped to the top of your remodeling wish list? [...]

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May 4, 2015


So my brother Ryan would have been 34 today. Of all the birthdays that I’ve forgotten over the years, I’ve never forgotten his. No one has. No one! Because he reminded you of it for weeks prior. On a near daily basis. Nonchalant calls to ask how we were going to celebrate. Excited calls telling us what he wanted for his gift. Frantic calls to say he’d changed his mind about what gift he wanted! Calls asking “Whadda ya think Johnny’s going to get me?” Lots of calls. So I couldn’t but remember this year, too. May 4th. His favorite day of the year. The day that was just for him. And now even though he’s gone, he’s very much [...]

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April 29, 2015

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

YOU HAVE EXACTLY TEN DAYS TO GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER BEFORE MOTHER’S DAY SNEAKS UP ON YOU….AGAIN! And if you do it TODAY, you still have time to personalize a gift for your mama. Personalization? Whatsoever could I be talking about? Well I’ll tell ya. It means it wasn’t last minute. It means you didn’t forget until 4 minutes before your plans to meet her for brunch on Sunday. It means you didn’t race to Quik Trip in search of flowers, cards, something! anything! on your way to brunch because you forgot again! No, giving a personalized gift means you thought ahead! Way ahead! Ten days ahead! That’s an enormous feat for most of us. So do it while there’s still [...]

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