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August 10, 2016

Built Ins Built For a Modern Family

This Old Sagamore house has so many neat corners. We’ve already shown you pictures of the remodels in the mudroom/laundry room/office/pantry AND the kitchen AND the dining room, living room & master bedroom. Last up, the transformation of this once ho-hum family room. I love this room. Something about it just feels like the essence of an American family to me. It’s comfortable, colorful but calming, suited for kids and parents alike, traditional but still feels fresh and young…I could go on! The bookshelf units themselves were custom built by our local cabinet maker, and the mantle and trimwork was done in-house by our carpenter Pete Collins. Below is the inspiration photograph off of Pinterest that our client shared with Pete. Pete [...]

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June 13, 2016

Old Sagamore Kitchen Remodel: Take 2

Back in 1994, we were hired by a homeowner in Mission Hills to remodel their Old Sagamore kitchen. Then, 21 years later in a fun twist of fate, we were called back by the new homeowners for round two! Here was Scovell Wolfe’s first remodel of the kitchen in all its 90’s glory: And here it is now! Pretty phenomenal, huh? From dark and heavy, to bright and airy. At first glance, the general layout of the kitchen remained the same, but take a closer look – hardly anything is the same! From the shape of the island dramatically changing, to swapping the location of the range and refrigerator, and ever so slightly adjusting the passage location from the kitchen to the mudroom (to name [...]

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May 9, 2016

Maid’s Room Turned Mudroom

Last year, we teamed up with Natalie O’Shaugnessy of O’Home Interiors to produce one of my favorite projects to date. This Old Sagamore home just screams family to me. It’s got that high-low mix of approachable antiques alongside new, transitional pieces and fresh, yet still mature textiles. It’s just a total home-run in my book! But there was so much loveliness in the house it would be silly to cram it all into one post. So, let’s take it room by room! Today I want to share with you the maids-room-turned-mudroom. Here it is back in early 2015. Pretty plain jane. Just a small little room off the kitchen, with a door to the garage. (If you recall, this was actually [...]

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April 18, 2016

Tudor Revival: The Master Suite Reveal

Ok, it’s time. It’s the long-awaited master suite reveal! And when I say long, I mean it’s been since January 14, 2015 that I first began writing about this stately Brookside Tudor. What? Yes, really that long. Like I mentioned in the last post, if I’ve learned anything about this process it’s that while Scovell Wolfe knocks out 90% of the transformation, the last 10% (draperies, furnishings, artwork) is a slow, personal and sometimes luck-driven final push. How many antique store visits before you finally stumble upon the perfect antique Oushak for your hallway? Nobody knows. How many paintings will you see before you lock in on the one that you’re certain you can gaze at for decades and never tire of? [...]

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April 11, 2016

Tudor Revival Part 5

Remember way back to early 2015 when I tracked the progress of this incredible Brookside Tudor? Yeah, me neither. It feels like a lifetime ago! It was my first go at following a Scovell Wolfe remodel real-time on the blog. I was plugging along pretty consistently (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4) But it turns out that the final, furnished “After” pictures takes quite a bit of time to develop! Like,…a year! I wanted the after pictures to really live up to the beauty of the home and the project, and I felt like unfurnished photographs wouldn’t do it justice! So we waited for curtains to be made and curtains to be hung. For a nursery to be [...]

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March 30, 2016

High Drive: The Kitchen

I thought I’d pop in and share our plans for the kitchen. It’s funny how I absolutely live for designing homes, but when it comes to my own, I’m paralyzed! You’d think that working here at Scovell Wolfe, I’d know just the kind of client I’d want to be and not cause any problems for the project manager. Instead, I’m fickle, unorganized, and indecisive! In other words, I’m lovely to work with 😉 But with all my might, I’ve sure tried to hone in on some selections lately. I’ve put together a mood board to try and steer my wandering eyes back to the plan.   COUNTERTOPS: Still a bit indecisive here. Shocking, I know. I’m torn between Maccabeus Quartzite which [...]

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March 3, 2016

Loose Park Refresh

Earlier this week I shared some before and afters of this Loose Park home’s kitchen. Today I’m back with some more photographs of the main floor. I really can’t express to you how much my heart cries out for joy when I see grasscloth. It’s inexplicable, really. But it makes me weak in the knees. So I was pretty much walking on my knees all day as we photographed this house. Because, hello, there is grasscloth in ALL four of the rooms we shot. Be still, my heart. I told the homeowner that as I plan my own personal home remodel right now, I’ve been torn, unable to decide which room to hang grasscloth in. But after shooting her house I [...]

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February 29, 2016

Loose Park Kitchen: Take 2

Being the second generation at Scovell Wolfe has a lot of perks. One advantage is that it means Scovell Wolfe is old enough to have been around the block a few times! Literally. This past year we returned to the block of a client for whom we (aka the old people at the company…ahem….Jim and Pat) had done a lot of work in the past. This time around though, we modified and upgraded the kitchen that we first put in for the homeowners back in the late 90s! So my “before” pictures are the “after” pictures from that 1999 first go round. How fun is that? The clients’ home is the kind of home that makes Kansas City great. Nestled in a [...]

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January 18, 2016


If you missed it, last week we introduced this before and after post about our kitchen. As for the rest of the house, the story stayed the same: my design magazine dreams came crashing against hard, cold reality and the resulting rooms landed somewhere in the middle. First up – the living room. Or shall I say dining room?! When you are married to a professional piano player and he insists on bringing a grand piano into your little tudor home, rules get broken. Rooms gets swapped. Living rooms get furnished with dining room tables. Traditional floor plans go out the window. John often reminds me that his piano is the only thing which he still possesses from the time he met me. Not [...]

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May 7, 2015

Lovely Grills for Delicious Grilled Food.

I asked my husband what I ought to blog about this week. He quickly affirmed the male stereotype. “GRILLS!” he exclaimed! Write about grills! Spring is in the air. The weather is looking up. Doors and windows are opening up. And everyone is moving outdoors for dinner. Because everybody loves to grill, right? Wrong! I am not a griller. However if given the right arrangement, by golly, you might just find me out there 7 nights a week. So here we go, per my husband’s request, a compilation of grills I could get down with. And grilled food I could get down with, too… What do you think? Did an outdoor kitchen just get bumped to the top of your remodeling wish list? [...]

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